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How can a Great Website and SEO work for your Business?

small Businesses Thrive With Engaging Websites

Digital marketing takes your business to the next level

How does Digital Marketing help Local Businesses?

It's proven time and time again that when a business has a proper website with great SEO help, it will boost their website to the top of Google Search Results and gain them more exposure. When SEO is combined with Social Media Advertising, you get the best of both worlds by attracting customers who are looking for answers to their questions and targeting those who are looking for your specific services.

Is Social Media Marketing Right For Me?

Having a working and engaging ad campaign that targets the correct market on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Etc.. you are getting the best bang for your buck. Sites like Facebook know their audience and marketing on Facebook is more important than ever for local businesses!

Why do I need someone to manage marketing for me?

Look, local business owners are some of the hardest working and busiest people out there! Let us take the burden off your hands and have a dedicated team to take care of this for you. Have a poorly planned website and poor SEO can actually hurt your presence online! Click here to contact us and get started with Digibee Marketing!

Forms of Digital Marketing


SEO Marketing

Marketing with SEO is optimizing your website to target specific keywords that people are using Google to search for the answers to their questions. If someone searches "plumber in Charleston", having the right keywords and page authority can put your website in their crosshairs.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter make up for a majority of the traffic on the entire internet. Having a properly set up advertising campaign planned out can make sure your ad is being shown to the most relevant people as possible.


Search Engine Marketing

Not to be confused with SEO, SEM or Search Engine Marketing is using planned ad campaigns through Google in the form of "pay per click" ads. These are highly targeted campaigns that have the ability to be some of the first results that potential customers may see when they search.


Content Marketing

Content like Youtube Videos and Blog Posts corner another section of the internet and can add a more personalized advertising path for customers. Content Marketing gives you a chance to personally show your customers your work. Youtube is the second most used search engine next to Google itself and has over 1.5 BILLION active users a month. That's a lot of potential customers!


Email Marketing

Building an Email list can be a direct form of communication to your customers who have visited your website. You can provide coupons or notifications of new services to remind customers that your business is the right one for them.

Digital Marketing is essential in today's digital environment

Digital Marketing for local businesses moves your exposure from just a magnet on the side of your work vehicle, to exposing your services to thousands of people in the area. Having a nice and well laid out website optimized for the right keywords will maximize your potential!

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